We've Got you Covered


Avoid Costly downtime and unexpected shut-downs.  We can design a preventive and predictive maintenance program, tailored exclusively around the usage of your Overhead Cranes, that will insure you of complete operator safety, reduced maintenance costs and, of course, total O.S.H.A. compliance.    


 We begin with an initial survey of your facility.  During this survey we will ask questions regarding the duty cycle of each individual crane and hoist, taking note of the capacity, the environment and the age of the equipment.  From the data gathered during the survey, we will make our recommendations as to the frequency of inspection and maintenance service.    


We have the ability to perform non-destructive magnetic particle testing of your hoist hooks.  We can find a potential safety hazard BEFORE it becomes an accident and/or an injury. We have our own certified test weights, up to 12,000 lbs., as well as our own truck to deliver them to your plant site.  


We offer modernization and upgrade programs when you are looking for ways to increase the capacity or the life of your present crane and hoist.   


We offer operator and safety training for your personnel.  Believe it or not, there are right ways and wrong ways to operate a crane and hoist.  We have discovered that many unexpected breakdowns occur due to operator error.   


Further, we offer consultation services, at a very affordable rate.  We can help you design a preventive maintenance program for your own maintenance personnel.  We can also help you in specifying new crane and hoist equipment, as well as assist in the analysis of bids, to insure that all proposals are in full compliance with your specifications.